RevOne Companies manages bad debt collection needs while using great care to maintain compliance with both FDCPA and HIPAA regulations. Our employees receive continuous training and development to maintain compliant with the regulations and laws. We ensure our employees are compassionate and respectful, while illustrating the need and urgency to resolve the debt as quickly as possible.

RevOne Companies’ trained staff contacts all payers through both telephone and written communications, with emphasis on collecting in accordance with their contractual obligations to the healthcare provider. We identify the accounts that are likely to pay and utilize effective calling campaigns combined with mailing letters, skip tracing services, credit bureau reporting, automated account follow-up and flexible payment options. Our goal is to help you realize the highest recovery possible.



In order to maximize your recovery, legal action is sometimes needed.

RevOne Companies is backed by eight in-house attorneys whose sole practice is healthcare collection law. Our in-house legal team understands the sensitive nature of healthcare collections and is comprised of some of the strongest legal talent in our industry, specializing in both state and federal healthcare and insurance laws.

When legal action is necessary and an account is eligible, we utilize our legal team to take the next step in debt recovery. By using every resource available, we recover not only from the individual but also from insurance companies and other payers, resulting in higher recoveries to help you build a better bottom line.