ConnectTec utilizes revolutionary technology to maximize time, efforts and resources. We deliver customized

communication and collection solutions that establish efficient and cost-effective processes. Improving your bottom line while you focus on quality patient care is always ConnectTec’s mission, and our holistic approach provides the tools and services needed.

Because RevOne Companies as a whole offers an all-encompassing suite of services, we have the ability to employ customized services and communications campaigns throughout every stage of the revenue


ConnectTec Text Messagingomnichannel

  • Complies with TCPA and FDCPA regulations
  • Improves the patient experience
  • Follows the regulations of HIPAA and Fair Collections Practices
  • Reduces labor and resources associated with collection costs
  • Initiates quicker patient payments


ConnectTec Email

  • Sends large volume email campaigns at once that can include letter, statements and invoices
  • Provides significant cost savings and increased open rates
  • Eliminates the risk of becoming black listed
  • Allows for comprehensive tracking and proof of delivery
  • Protects confidential messages and files


ConnectTec Secure Payment Portals

  • Delivers an easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Expedites the collections process to increase ROI
  • Provides patients anytime access to billing information and statements
  • Showcases your brand for a seamless patient experience
  • Provides multiple payment options and paperless billing


ConnectTec Signature Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Allows patients convenient access to current information
  • Enables after-hours patient callbacks
  • Real-time transactions information is passed with every call
  • Delivers superior call experiences that lead to greater patient satisfaction
  • Facilitates a PCI compliant environment while offering easy payment processing