Email – SenditCertified™

Today’s consumers prefer digital communications because they are mobile and more easily reached by email versus the postal service. SenditCertified is a patented, cloud-based system that ensures real-time email delivery without requiring recipients to register or download software to receive messages and files. SenditCertified emails are encrypted end-to-end to protect PHI and personal financial data, with the technology also meeting NIST standards, HIPAA/HITECH compliance and PCI requirements.

SenditCertified’s LetterFlow provides a new messaging channel for improved deliverability while enabling the routing of documents based on your workflows. The robust technology makes it simple to send automated letters, statements and invoices simultaneously to thousands of different recipients, equating to exponentially increased efficiency and dramatically reduced costs. This secure, instantaneous solution is also equipped with powerful tracking and proof of delivery options.


Text Messaging – Short Message Service (SMS) Alerts

Text messaging has become the preferred means of communication for most of the population, and ConnectTec gives you the ability to deliver important payment notices right to your patients’ pockets. SMS alerts can include payment reminders, payment confirmations, an opt-out feature, and a link to your pre-populated payment portal.

Our concise messages improve response rates at a fraction of the cost of other present-day delivery systems while forming a personalized communication experience for your patients. ConnectTec SMS puts you in control of your collections process by delivering a more automated yet reliable communications solution.


Online Payments – Powered by ConnectTec

Personalized to meet your collection needs, ConnectTec offers a secure, pre-populated portal where patients can make payments, establish recurring payments, review account information, and update demographic information.

ConnectTec payment portals are created to mirror your corporate image so patients experience seamless digital interactions with your brand. The user-friendly interface delivers all the necessary payment tools and allows for numerous payment methods, including credit card, debit card, ACH, or e-check.


Telephone – Signature Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

ConnectTec’s IVR is a product of Ontario Systems and makes it easy for patients to self-serve throughout the billing process. The solution provides an automated phone system through which callers can interact via a touch-tone keypad.

The Signature IVR product works with automatically delivered call information and user-entered information to identify and verify callers and locate corresponding accounts. Real-time account, client and agency information, including data stored in user-defined windows and tables, enables callers to quickly acquire account information and make acceptable payment arrangements.


Telephone – Predictive Dialer

ConnectTec’s Predictive Dialer is a product of Ontario Systems and facilitates more patient conversations in less time via state-of-the-art technology. The solution generates live patient interactions only, connecting our Patient Advocates only to calls that are actually answered by patients. The powerful technology enables maximum efficiency for the bypassing of unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected lines, fax machines, answering machines and other automatic services.