RevOne Companies uses CBS (Complete Billing Services) to follow the best process for addressing the insurance claims and follow up needs for each of our clients.

RevOne Companies takes the necessary steps to resolve outstanding issues interfering with the finalization of the claim, including contact with the patient, and resubmission of the claim. We accomplish this via an on-site connection or by placing our account representatives off-site within your billing office.



RevOne Companies prioritizes the selection criteria, including payer, balance, age and plan code. Our account representatives then have the ability to work efficiently within the client’s patient accounting, imaging, and billing systems to ensure we are working with the most recent information regarding the account. We are then able to quickly gather relevant data regarding the claim submission.

When the data gathered for the patient is insufficient or a request needs to be made of the payer, a telephone call is made. This maximizes the number of claims that can be handled efficiently with each payer contact, so the representatives get the most out of each call and your money, making us a smart partner for your insurance follow-up needs.