RevOne Companies takes the right precautions to minimize the unneeded data to help improve your bottom line. We designed the Legacy/AR (Accounts Receivable) Clean-up Project to help resolve the blockage caused by all the unneeded data without experiencing a sharp drop in cash flow and/or a rise in accounts receivable days.

RevOne Companies takes the accounts that are unpaid, denied and uncollected and pursues them effectively. We successfully separate un-posted contractual adjustments and patient responsibility from unpaid payer dollars, while the remaining amount can then be collected and resolved on virtually any outstanding account.



RevOne Companies has the experience and the technology to work diligently on different system platforms. We transfer the data electronically to cleanup and reduce the A/R claims in a fast and effective way, while maximizing payment throughout the life of the healthcare revenue cycle.

We have built a strong image and reputation with robust technology and state of the art systems. We continually demonstrate positive results for our clients.