Bad Debt & Legal Collections
MED-1 Solutions houses a devoted and continuously-trained staff to successfully manage bad debt collections. To provide a value-added service that exceeds expectations, our representatives undergo intensive training to ensure they are familiar with the necessary technology and able to adhere to all client guidelines and regulations. With recurring call assessments, scoring and coaching sessions, our representatives benefit from constant education to excel at every stage of the collections process. We pride ourselves on practicing respectful interactions with patients while outlining a means to resolution.

To achieve maximum recovery, MED-1 Solutions is armed with the latest advancements in multi-channel communication, online payment tools and advanced collection technology. Our continuous investment in secure, industry-leading technology allows us to meet today’s demands for payment convenience and flexibility while generating a long-term impact on the revenue cycle. We deliver customized communications and collection solutions that establish efficient, cost-effective processes. Because RevOne Companies offers an all-encompassing suite of services, we have the ability to employ customized email, text message and dialing campaigns throughout the collections process. While clients always have access to our system of record, we also house the business intelligence needed to produce customized reports and metrics that showcase the actions and results associated with each account.

When legal action is necessary, MED-1 Solutions’ informed legal team steps in and utilizes all available resources to resolve defaulted debt. Offering nearly 100 years of combined legal experience in healthcare collection law, our eight in-house attorneys work directly with accounts. With their expertise, MED-1 Solutions achieves maximum recovery while always operating in compliance with HIPAA, FDCPA and PCI regulations, as well as all state-specific collection laws.

With the ability to manage large account volumes, deliver respectful interactions, and collect to the fullest extent of the law, MED-1 Solutions is an integral partner in attaining the highest recovery possible.