RevOne Companies places a lot of emphasis on Patient Access services. We understand a simplified and improved system from the beginning helps clear the way for a smooth and effective solution throughout the entire hospital experience.

RevOne Companies provides accurate patient information and proven expertise when you need it most. With a combination of our highly trained staff and robust technology, we can help overcome common revenue cycle challenges.

We first verify the patient’s identity, address and self-reported data against our extensive databases of consumer demographics. This enables our clients to successfully engage patients at the point of service, which ultimately leading to less risk, increased collections and enhanced patient satisfaction. 



By verifying the patient’s information, RevOne Companies improves accuracy and prevents redundancies throughout the revenue cycle. RevOne Companies also checks the patient’s eligibility and benefit levels. We then provide a number of insurance eligibility services, all while finding accurate coverage and benefit information services for third party payers. Our processes are effective for any size client and our technology will improve your admissions process and positively impact your bottom line.

The processes our technology facilitates.

  • Patient identification verification (Red Flag)
  • Insurance verification and certification
  • Medicaid eligibility
  • POS collections/propensity to pay
  • Bill estimation
  • Scheduling reminders with results
  • Financial assistance screening