Perfiniti Insurance employs health insurance agents-not navigators-who complete ongoing insurance training and examinations. Our representatives are certified as counselors for state exchange and house the expertise to deliver enrollment assistance for the government exchange. As a year-round partner committed to your patients in need of coverage, our agents possess the ability and resources to assess each individual’s situation and recommend fitting ACA plans based on their healthcare needs and budget.

Perfiniti Insurance executes on-site enrollment fairs where our licensed health insurance agents provide face-to-face assistance with ACA Marketplace enrollment. These fairs present an opportunity to meet uninsured patients in person and guide them to the best ACA Marketplace plan for both the hospital and the patient. Enrollment fairs are a mission-friendly way to target the uninsured population who prefer to meet in person, and Perfiniti Insurance is equipped to handle the logistics, planning and marketing to facilitate successful events. Our team identifies the ideal times and frequencies for these events, while ensuring they are fully staffed to handle the volume and deliver high-quality patient experiences.

Our on-site agents come equipped with the necessary technology to provide real-time enrollment. By rotating the enrollment fair locations and scheduled times, our team ensures ease of access for patients. Whether through an appointment or walk-in meeting, patients leave these enrollment fairs with an agent of record that will serve as a continued direct point of contact for their health insurance coverage needs.