The WellFund heightens the patient experience while serving as a valuable support system to those that need it most. As your compassionate partner at the bedside or in the call center, we employ a proactive approach to achieve improved quality standards while creating a lasting revenue cycle impact.



  • Enrollment education and support
  • A personalized experience delivered bedside
  • Maintained health insurance coverage allowing future access to preventative care and medications
  • Avoidance of tax penalties while being compliant with the law
  • Personal Patient Advocates for management and maintenance of the complex process
  • Multi-channel communication for convenience and flexibility



  • Heightened patient satisfaction
  • Increased staff availability due to in-house advocates and a dedicated call center
  • Reduction of bad debt expenses
  • Improved collection efficiency and accounts receivable days
  • Conversion of the self-pay population to insured patients
  • Increased cash collection for an increased bottom line