The WellFund’s direct community outreach educates individuals on the ACA mandate and provides guidance in finding health insurance programs that not only make patients compliant with the law, but also assist with preventative care, access to medication and future medical costs. The WellFund works alongside your patients via Patient Advocates and/or its advanced, multi-channel communication platform capable of connecting with them via managed call center, text message, email, predictive dialing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and traditional mailings. The WellFund works diligently and compassionately to meet today’s needs while generating a long-term impact on your revenue cycle. Program options include the following:



This solution encompasses both eligibility and marketplace for an all-inclusive approach. The WellFund’s knowledgeable Patient Advocates assist patients during pre-service, admission and post-discharge both at bedside and in our off-site call center. They screen for potential eligibility for all healthcare coverage and also have the ability to re-work applications that have been denied.



This solution allows The WellFund to work any denials and remaining straight self-pay patients following the provider’s current eligibility partner. Our in-house legal team reviews all denied applications to determine if an appeal can be processed. While the appeal process is taking place, our Patient Advocates assist in finding the appropriate coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace.



This solution allows the provider to maintain the eligibility process in-house and add The WellFund for denied applications or remaining straight self-pay patients. Our goal is to find missed opportunities and assist the provider with any overflow needs. Our Patient Advocates act as a safety net and collaborate with the in-house eligibility group to find a resolution for difficult accounts.

Our job is not complete following the enrollment process. We continue to be your patient advocate, monitoring patients’ coverage to ensure premium activation dates are met and coverage remains active. Allow The WellFund to market, manage and maintain any or every aspect of the enrollment process so quality patient care remains your sole focus as ROI increases.