RevOne Companies’ worker’s compensation department consists of in-house attorneys and staff who are highly skilled at obtaining all of the proper information in order to recover maximum reimbursement allowable under the law.

We take the headache out of the settlement process by handling the negotiation until settlement is imminent. We know which insurance company to bill, how payments should be made and the steps needed to obtain the maximum payment.



RevOne Companies begins working on the accounts as soon as the patient is released from the hospital. We gather all the claims from the healthcare provider and then determine the right reimbursement. We then pursue all payment sources and patient’s insurance, as well as the responsible party or company and then file and perfect hospital liens (when authorized by state law) to assist in the recovery of the bills for services rendered resulting from the accident.

Our attorneys then will file claim if the administrative appeal process has been exhausted and payment in accordance with the statute or contract rate has not been received. This will protect our clients and handle all settlement issues, including mediation and any civil court proceedings. We can help avoid lost revenue as well as any legal documents.

Once they file a claim with the appropriate entity, they will then assist in recovery of the bills for services rendered resulting from the work related injury on both total and balance billing matters. Our in-house attorneys will do what is necessary to pursue the claims while increasing your reimbursements and reducing your efforts. We will ensure that the correct amount is reimbursed while helping you maintain your bottom line.